Warm Dinner Roll   4.00

(1 per serve)

Garlic or Herb Bread   4.00

(2 slices per serve)

Tomato & Parmesan Bruschetta   8.00

(2 slices per serve)

Warm Chilli Olives   10.00


Oysters Natural   24.00 (6) / 44.50 (12)

Sydney Rock oysters served natural with cocktail sauce & lemon. Served in the half or full dozen (gfo)

Oysters Kilpatrick   31.00 (6) / 52.50 (12)

Sydney Rock oysters cooked with bacon & Worcestershire sauce. Served in the half or full dozen

Oysters Mornay   31.00 (6) / 52.50 (12)

Sydney Rock oysters with cheesy mornay sauce. Served in the half or full dozen

Smoked Salmon   19.00

Smoked Tasmanian Salmon served w crushed onion, baby capers & homemade horseradish mayonnaise (gfo)

Avocado Vinaigrette   9.00

Fresh avocado served w garlic infused olive oil & balsamic house dressing (gfo)

Avocado & Seafood   25.50

Fresh avocado with lightly marinated seafood & homemade cocktail sauce (gfo)

Fried Calamari   19.00

Fresh calamari rings crumbed & fried. Served with lemon & homemade tartare sauce

Garlic Prawns   33.50

King Prawns flambéed with brandy & served in a rich garlic, butter & parsley sauce (gfo)

Baked Camembert    17.00

Oven roasted & served w homemade onion & bourbon relish and rustic toast (gfo)


All main courses are served as complete meals with potato and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Chicken Caesar Salad  31.50

Cos lettuce w herb croutons, grilled bacon, poached egg, anchovy fillets, anchovy dressing & parmesan shavings.  Served w grilled chicken tenderloins (gfo)

Garlic Prawns 52.00

King prawns flambéed with brandy & served in a rich sauce of garlic, butter & parsley sauce with steamed rice (gfo)

Fried Calamari 37.00

Fresh calamari rings coated w breadcrumbs, deep fried & served w homemade tar-tare sauce & chips

Veal Parmigiana 33.50

Thinly sliced veal, crumbed & grilled. Topped w melted mozzarella cheese & Italian tomato sauce

Pork Spare Ribs 42.50

Marinated pork ribs served in a lightly spiced house barbeque sauce

Chicken, Avocado & Prawns 42.50

Grilled fillets of chicken served in a creamy white wine & lobster bisque w grilled avocado & prawns (gfo)

Venison Cottolette a la Milanese 29.50

Minute steaks of venison coated w Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs & almond meal. Grilled & served w homemade beetroot & apple chutney

Baby Veal 38.50

Sauce changes regularly – please ask your waiter for details (gfo)

Beef Burgundy 38.50

Red wine & beef casserole braised with carrot, celery & onion, wrapped in filo pastry, oven-baked and served with demi-glace

Oven Roasted Rack of Lamb 47.50

Sauce changes regularly – please ask your waiter for details (gfo)

Twice Roasted Ducking 45.50

Sauce changes regularly – please ask your waiter for details (gfo)

Fish of the Day Market price





All steaks are char-grilled & served w fresh vegetables and jacket potato w sour cream & chives

Porterhouse       53.00


Scotch Fillet     62.00


Eye Fillet   62.00


Ladies’ Eye Fillet     52.00


Lads’ Porterhouse     48.00



Wagyu Eye Fillet   67.00



Sauces   @6.00

Mushroom, Garlic, Pepper or Red Wine


Gluten Free Pasta Available

Lasagne   14.00 / 18.00

Oven-baked layers of pasta, béchamel & beef ragu. Topped with Napoli sauce

Penne Vegetarian   14.00 / 18.00

Served with sautéed seasonal vegetables in a napoli sauce

Spaghetti Calabrese   17.00 / 24.00

Sautéed onion, bacon, hot salami, red capsicum & black olives. Served in a spicy tomato & basil concase

Linguini Alfredo 

17.00 / 24.00

Grilled chicken, sautéed mushrooms & virginian ham in a cream sauce

Spaghetti Carbonara    14.00 / 18.00

Served the traditional Italian way w grilled house smoked guanciale, pecorino cheese & egg

Penne w Venison Ragu   14.00 / 19.00

Served w slow cooked venison & red wine sauce

Linguini Pescatora   25.00 / 31.00

Fresh Shrimps, scallops, calamari, fish pieces & prawns sautéed in olive oil, garlic, parsley & butter

Seafood Risotto 

25.00 / 31.00

Arborio rice with seasonal seafood, simmered in a tomato & basil concase. Finished with a touch of lobster bisque

Mushroom Risotto   17.00 / 24.00

Arborio rice w sautéed seasonal mushrooms, pecorino cheese & fresh rosemary (gfo)

Duck Risotto   21.00 / 28.00

Arborio rice with roasted duck, semi-dried tomatoes, bacon & fresh baby spinach (gfo)

Sides and Salads

Side of Chips   6.00

Grilled Onions   6.00

Sautéed Mushrooms   9.00

Steamed Vegetables   5.00

Caprese Salad   5.00

Fresh tomato, house marinated bocconcini w  cold pressed olive oil, oregano & basil pesto

Radicchio   7.00

Red radicchio leaves with red onion and a basil, balsamic glaze & olive oil dressing

Garden Salad  10.00

Mixed leaves w cherry tomato, cucumber, capsicum & house cured olives. With a balsamic & cold pressed olive oil dressing

Caesar Salad  14.50

Cos lettuce w herb croutons, grilled bacon, poached egg, anchovy fillets, anchovy dressing & parmesan shavings

Greek Salad  14.50

Fresh tomato, cucumber & house cured olives w feta, anchovies & oregano


All Desserts Served with Ice Cream

Chocolate Mousse   8.50

Creme Caramel   8.50

Profiteroles w Chocolate Sauce   13.00

Warm Apple & Walnut Strudel   12.00

Continental Cheesecake   10.00

Crepes Suzette   11.00

Strawberry Crepes   11.00

Banana & Maple   Syrup Crepes 11.00

Cheese Plate   27.00 / 34.00

Affogato   16.00

With your choice of Liqueur

Espresso Martini     24.00

Vodka, Kahlua & Espresso

Chocolate Martini     21.00

Vodka, Chocolate Liquor, Vanilla Liquor & Ice Cream

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